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Address: Parking Lot 3, Across from CIVIL AVIATION ORGANIZATION,
Parvaz St, Mehrabad International Airport

Mehrabad Airport Office

(Havabar Local Air Transport)

Havabar is one of the biggest and the most reliable local air transport companies in Iran.
PERSIAN CARGO PARSIAN CO. has become one of the best and the most honorable air freight forwarders locally and internationally over two decades of activity. In order to advance the company's aims and accomplish his services, Persian Cargo managed to establish and register the trademark of a local air transport Agency (Havabar) in Mehrabad Airport in 1397. Therefore, the local Collecting and delivery network of Havabar was formed along with 40 other agencies throughout the country centered on Tehran office.

At first, the main aim of Havabar was to carry and handle different freights locally but over the time, it was equipped with so many facilities in the field of air transportation, including various ways of shipping (Road, Air, Sea). The company using the most capacity of local transportation system, has proceeded to present freight forwarding in variety. Utilizing the most experienced staff and representatives through country and abroad, Havabar presents the process of transportation in its best form with possibly the lowest cost of planning to the customers.


List of Services of Havabar in Mehrabad Airport:

  • Insurance Coverage of Air Cargo Transportation
  • Reasonable Price of Freight Forwarding
  • 24-hour Delivery
  • Online Booking and Tracking of Orders
  • Collecting Freight at the Shipper's Place
  • Delivery in Time
  • Secure and Standard Packing
  • Setting Credit Contract
  • Collect Charging Service
  • Mehrabad Office 24-hour support
  • Secure and Standard Warehousing
  • SMS Service and Online Chatting

Our office in Mehrabad Airport presents the services below:

Following and Supporting Customers' Orders

The office of Persian Cargo in Mehrabad Airport (Havabar) is ready to respond, support, and follow the dear customers' requests, using the various updated methods. The services include online follow-up of consignments via Havabar website, informing through SMS system, chatting online, and phone calls to offices or sending mails. We hope to be respondent to you, the dear customers' needs, providing more miscellaneous and communicative ways.

Different Offices in Tehran

The company possessing various offices and active representatives locally and internationally, tries to present absolutely qualified services to you, the dear customers.

Customers' Online Counseling Via Website

The dear customers are able to benefit the company's expert counseling and also the support and follow-up of your forwarded freights 24 hours a day via our website online chats.

Online Booking

You can book the collection of your freights online via our website and receive a tracking number, then you would be called from sales unit. If agreed, your freight would be shortly collected from the specified place.

AWB Tracking

Following the AWBs up has always been a noteworthy point of customers. This is comfortably possible in our website for everyone to track all shipments step by step from the time of issuing AWB to the delivery time.

SMS System

One of the company's up-to-date and remarkable services is the SMS System in which the different steps of issuing AWB is informed to the shipper and the consignee.

Coverage of Reliable Insurance for Consignments

Nowadays, the importance of insurance in all areas is undoubtedly obvious. Havabar Agency is privileged to provide the experience of secure forwarding services of his customers' freights through contracts with the most reliable insurance corporations. The customers are able to benefit the service and risky insurance coverage of the company by paying a little premium (insurance fee).

Facilities and Equipment

Havabar Agency has prepared a complete and suitable infrastructure, investing plentifully and effectively in the field of logistic equipment, packing facilities, and other administrative tools, in order to present absolutely updated services to the dear customers.

Collecting and Delivery Facilities

The facility of freight collecting and delivery throughout Tehran and the suburbs using the most complete and equipped Transportation fleet including truck, cargo van, pick-up van, and motorcycle.

Signing Contracts

Havabar local freight forwarder is always ready to sign contract with any of the governmental and private organizations and corporations with a great support of services. In this area, the company has prepared a pertinent channel for agreement of freights in high volumes with creating special rates, giving free services, and insurance discounts.

Advanced Service of Warehousing

The process of warehousing is always an important part of freight forwarding. Havabar office in Mehrabad, possessing huge, secure, and equipped warehouses, has relieved his customers. All the company's warehouses are covered by the risky insurance. Securely, all the warehouses are equipped with CCTV having the night mode, which has removed our customers' concerns for the process of warehousing with the equipment of separate cargo maintenance and the facility of protecting perishable consignments.

Cargo Packing

Packing the freights plays an important role in the safe shipping of consignment to the destination. The process of cargo packing in Havabar office in Mehrabad is performed under the control of a trained and equipped crew. The company has proceeded to provide services, possessing the most complete and facilitated equipment of packing consisting of pockets, fliers, types of cartons in different sizes and qualities, types of bumpers, types of boxes for food stuff and perishables, types of palettes in different sizes and qualities, wooden and metal case for fragile goods, types of gel ices and preserving materials for carrying frozen and perishable food.

Individual knowledge and Experience

The most influential service of any corporation corresponds to his personnel's knowledge and experience while presenting services. Havabar office in Mehrabad, having an experience of more than 20 years within the industry of transportation and also possessing a trained and experienced staff, will bring you a professional and flawless cooperation.

Delivery and Collecting

Nowadays, the timely delivery and collecting is the most important request of all customers. This important affair has been provided through utilizing the needful infrastructures in various sections including the most usage of civil air transportation fleet, the 24-hour and no-closure residence of offices in the airports, and the application of an absolutely miscellaneous Transportation fleet.

Ability of Air Freight Forwarding

Through Havabar Agency, you are able to use the facility of freight forwarding all over the world in addition to local air cargo transportation. Persian Cargo CO. is capable of shipping your consignments to all Asian and European Countries, Australia, Canada, United States, etc., possessing cargo office in Mehrabad Local and International Airport.


The Privileges of Havabar Air Freight Forwarder:

  • Official License of Civil Aviation Organization
  • Active Office in Mehrabad Local and International Airport
  • Possibility of Online Ordering, Tracking, Counseling, and Following-up
  • Advanced Fleet of Transportation, Possessing Secure and Standard Warehouse
  • Active Offices in Cargo Terminals of Mashhad Airport, Isfahan Airport, and Tabriz Airport
  • 24-hour Sales and Delivery of Freights in Mehrabad Airport
  • Representativeness throughout Iran and the world
  • Active Offices in IKA, Eastern and Central Tehran
  • Official Representative of Different Airlines (Turkish, Mahan, Iran Air, Ata, Qeshm Air, Aseman, etc.)

Address: Parking Lot 3, Across from CIVIL AVIATION ORGANIZATION,
Parvaz St, Mehrabad International Airport